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Historic Planning Applications and Permission

Revised in July 2021, the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) sets out the government’s planning permission policies for England and how these policies are expected to be applied. LandHawk’s real-time planning application data conforms to the NPPF and is the backbone of our site suitability service. A copy of the NPPF is available for download here.

To understand whether a development might receive planning permission and, if so, for what type of use is a pivotal question when assessing whether a given piece of land or building is suitable for your specific purposes. Historic planning application information exists elsewhere: more often than not it can be found on each individual local authority web site through their public-access planning application portals. However cross-referencing against other data such as value and yield can be a manual, laborious, partial and ultimately inaccurate process. 

Bringing our geospatial expertise to bear – expertise which we believe sets LandHawk apart from others – we have solved the problem of organising disparate, often difficult to access historic planning application data covering specific periods in time. By attributing the land parcels and building footprints with their associated planning applications, and then storing these in a single folder, each planning history can be built, filtered by your preferred date ranges, and viewed in seconds.

Updated every hour, and with a reliable data source that combines 99% of all available UK planning application information, we believe that our historic planning permission dataset is second to none. So confident are we in its value that the dataset is also available as an API for those customers who wish to bring it into their in-house systems.

Take a look at how it all works in the video below…

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