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Land Search for Battery Storage

With the UK aiming for Net Zero carbon by 2050, renewable energy sources are crucial in getting us there. To facilitate a robust and scalable infrastructure, finding sites for battery storage installations is on the increase. As a result, accessing intelligent land search tools to quickly identify potential battery storage for development is more important than ever.

The generation of solar, wind and water power is already big business and growing throughout the country. In order to make the most of these resources and give them the continuity they need given our unpredictably changeable weather, battery storage is key.

Battery storage also has economic benefits by reducing dependency on fossil fuels and lowering prices for consumers – essential in the midst of the current energy crisis.

What is battery storage?

Battery storage is the process of storing renewable energy and then releasing it when required. This ensures a reliable supply of green energy whatever the conditions, providing round the clock power.

The batteries used are generally Lithium-ion, the types used in mobile phones and electric cars. Intelligent software, algorithms and computers are used to determine when to release the energy and where.

What sites are suitable for battery storage?

If you’re looking to embark on finding and developing land for battery storage, there are several factors to consider, not just in the construction stages but also for future maintenance.

Firstly the location needs to be close to a grid with enough capacity, and have good access for construction. The storage systems can cause noise, so avoiding residential areas is a good idea, but sometimes adequate soundproofing can get your project past the planning process.

You should avoid any rail, river or large road crossings between the site and the point of grid connection plus constraints such as flood risk, ANOB, SSSI’s, battlefields and National Parks. 

You’ll also need to ensure there is the correct infrastructure for ongoing maintenance too.

How do I start looking for suitable sites?

Renewable energy storage is ideal for landowners looking at alternative income, LandHawk can help you find these off-market opportunities, fast.

Our searches can be carried out to a detailed bespoke criteria and quickly turned around into a list of potential opportunities.

Our software allows you to save each site, send correspondence to land owners and monitor the whole process in Workspace from start to finish. This enables you to close deals fast and gain the competitive edge.

If you don’t have the in-house resource, our team can do this for you and simply deliver you ideal opportunities, based on your criteria.

Take a look at the video below with our founder Tim to see how easy it is to find your next project fast…

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