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LandHawk Data Insights

Welcome to the LandHawk Data Insights series. Launched in October 2023, this series is designed to shine a spotlight on some of the data we provide within the LandHawk platform. These data are central to LandHawk’s ability to help you identify your land development projects faster, more accurately and at scale. Featured datasets so far include: telecommunications mast locations and EPCs.

telecommunications masts LOCATION DATA INSIGHTS

Read more about how our telecommunications data can help assess onshore wind energy projects or any development project where masts may intersect.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) DATA

A large and detailed dataset used by most of our customers, our EPC data will be of particular interest to renewables developers searching for land for battery storage projects.

Registers of Scotland INSPIRE Data

This data is the Scottish equivalent of the HM Land Registry which is integral to the LandHawk system. It has been added to SiteFinder to enable our users to undertake more complex analysis throughout Scotland.