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Land Search for Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Points

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points are now something every renewables developer should consider. At LandHawk we are already responding to this new opportunity. Using our intelligent Proptech software, developers and renewables investors are now able to search, find and assess potential land for EV charging points with intelligence, precision and at scale. Furthermore, we have extended our land insights reports to include EV charging mobility maps.

With the government plans to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, and the target of net zero emissions by 2050, the EV market is rapidly expanding.

In an April 2022 survey, EV charging points have increased by 33% over the past year. 

There are now 30,290 electric vehicle charging devices available in the UK of which, 5,494 were rapid chargers.

The types of charge vary from slow to ultra rapid and depending on the make and model of car, an ultra-rapid charge can have the driver on the road in just 10-20 minutes.

The opportunity

EV forecourts

With only 8,000 fuel forecourts in the UK, a rise in the purchase of EV’s and the lack of rapid charging facilities, the opportunity for EV forecourts is huge. If there are additional amenities on these sites, there’s also more revenue to be had whilst drivers wait.

Take Gridserve for example. 

EV charging in a commercial or industrial development

If you’re looking at sourcing this type of development land, the benefits of EV charging points for workers and visitors are plentiful. If they can charge up their vehicle whilst they work, shop or visit, it makes the development infinitely more desirable.

EV charging in housing developments

By fitting charging points to houses and in parking areas, it benefits all residents and visitors. Sustainable energy provision, green materials and the decreasing of construction emissions are all high on the government agenda too. Our client Ecotek Homes are one of the increasing amount of developers like this in the UK.

Developing in close proximity to already established EV charging points

Land situated in close proximity to EV charging points that are already there is also more desirable when it comes to making or facilitating the sale. Charging points in the UK are very disparate, so you need the intelligence behind a land search to know exactly where they are.

It’s worth mentioning the potential grants that may be available also when you go on to develop too.

Finding the land

So the opportunity is clearly there, but how do you go about finding the land? 

To install EV charging points, you need to ensure that your connection to the grid is fit for purpose and which speed of charging point you want to install.

For example, a rapid charge point is 150kw + capable, this would allow the average EV to have a range of 12-135 miles in just 15 minutes.

LandHawk is able to show you if a site is near to main roads, or points of interest, you can also filter by retail areas, distance from a substation and more.

For those looking to develop in proximity to EV charging points, you’re able to see them at the flick of a switch on a mobility map and are able to drill down into locations and development potential. 

These maps can be exported to PDF, slotted into presentations or printed out for all project stakeholders to see at a glance.

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