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Land Search Data Migration

Migrate your land search data from your current PropTech supplier seamlessly, at no cost, and in advance of your existing contract coming to an end. The entire land search data migration process is managed by us in close collaboration with your teams.

We appreciate that with rapidly changing technology it can often seem difficult or costly to migrate from an existing contract. This stasis can prohibit businesses from taking advantage of a new and innovative offering from an alternative service provider. Similarly, under certain licence models it can be frustrating to wait for the contract to end before making the change. At LandHawk we simplify this process at all levels.

Firstly, we understand that you might have a large volume of data stored with your existing land search supplier, and that you will very likely want to bring that information with you. At LandHawk we will migrate the data across for you, free of charge, to integrate seamlessly with our platform.

Secondly, to allow a smooth migration process, and to enable your land teams to become familiar with LandHawk prior to full migration, we are happy to provide free LandHawk licences for an agreed period while your existing contracts come to an end. 

At LandHawk we pride ourselves on being open, transparent and collaborative. We use secure, open source technologies to allow maximum flexibility both in terms of speed of development and the relationships we build. This same approach is what enables us to manage the migration process with the minimum amount of disruption and cost.

If you would like to discuss your land search data migration programme, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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