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Land Search Service

For those customers who prefer not to subscribe to one of our self serve options (i.e. LandHawk Entry or LandHawk Pro), we do offer a land search service whereby we undertake the search, analysis and early landowner engagement on their behalf. Acting as an extension of their own team, this service typically appeals to customers who don’t currently have the experience, resource or bandwidth to undertake these land sourcing activities independently. Or, in some cases, the resource exists internally however our customers prefer to utilise it for specialist activities such as pursuing planning consent or negotiating Heads of Terms with landowners.

How does the land search service work?

Good preparation lies at the heart of our success: that and ensuring we ask complete and accurate questions of the data, in line with our customers’ specific land suitability criteria. Prior to commencing any searches, we spend considerable time together defining what makes a parcel of land ideal for your types of development. This can vary from industry to industry, from customer to customer so it’s important to set the right course from the outset.

As soon as we have an agreed set of suitability criteria, this information is then translated into a set of in/ out rules along with a weighted risk profile. Our in-house land analysts then build the relevant search in SiteFinder – a rules-based query builder application – return the parcels that conform to the stipulated criteria, before running the risk analysis for any planning and environmental constraints.

The potentially suitable parcels are then prioritised by risk, triaged into associated folders, and then shared to the customer’s LandHawk Viewer account for review. The final signed-off parcels then move to the next stage – engagement with landowners.

How to get going with our land search service

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  • We have recorded a number of videos for specific data and features on our video tour page.
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