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Your secret weapon for managing Constraints

LandHawk’s Constraints Data API leverages our expansive dataset to uncover potential development constraints quickly, for any given land parcel in the UK.

Keep your projects moving without fear of delay, with reliable and comprehensive constraint information in one place.

Identify and understand potential constraints at a glance

Know instantly if a project is viable with a comprehensive snapshot of potential Environmental, Utility, and Historic constraints – such as Flood Zones, Electricity Substations, or Listed Buildings.

Keep projects running smoothly without delay

Deliver reliable, trusted insight and visualisation to Environmental Consultants, Planners, Land Agents, Developers and Local Authority teams as part of your development projects.

Giving you the tools and data to develop responsibly

Building amazing places is a challenge that requires us all to work better together. This is why our API is designed make UK constraints data as accessible as possible, to everyone that shares our vision for the future.

Integrates seamlessly with industry-leading GIS solutions

Get started with our Constraints Data API today

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