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Land Sourcing Software Tool: Pro Tier For Land Search, Analysis, Insights & Development

Search, find and assess off market land for development at pace and scale with our land sourcing software tool – Pro tier. Land Hawk Pro is designed for customers who wish to identify multiple parcels of development land over large geographic areas. The Pro tier also allows users to define their own land suitability criteria, and run customised risk analysis reports for environmental and planning constraints. LandHawk Pro can be purchased on a per user or enterprise licence basis. Typical land sourcing customers using the Pro tier include: renewable energy developers (solar, BESS, onshore wind); planning consultants; environmental consultants; housing developers; housing associations; care home providers; estate agents; and AEC tier 1 contractors, among others.

Land sourcing data

Our Pro tier includes more than 150 geospatial datasets organised into categories. These include: administrative areas, amenities and demographics; education, environment and healthcare; historic and planning; transport, utilities and water; property and structures; topography.

Our most popular datasets – HMLR title deed polygons, planning applications, agricultural land classifications, substations, AONB, flood risk, and listed buildings – are all covered by the Pro Tier with no limitation on usage.

Land sourcing software tools

The ability to quickly switch on these data layers and visualise them together, contextually, in a single window brings significant value in its own right. However, we understand that this is only part of a successful land sourcing process, especially for those customers who wish to search, filter and analyse large numbers of land parcels quickly and efficiently – i.e. our Pro tier customers. We have therefore developed a number of geospatially-enabled tools to allow intelligent, user-defined, multi-faceted interrogation of the data based on specific suitability criteria. These are listed below:


This tool allows users to build a rules-based query that quickly filters results either in or out based on those rules. Our customers inform us that this is the best of its kind on the market.

Risk analysis profile

Once the filtered results have been returned (typically in seconds or minutes) users can then run a standard or customised risk analysis on those results. In essence, this has two functions: first, it prioritises the potentially suitable parcels in order of risk; second, it avoids ruling a parcel in or out and instead highlights a potential issue or issues for which mitigation might be possible, thereby avoiding missed opportunities.

User-defined draw polygon tool

It isn’t always the case that our users’ areas of interest neatly follow one or more HMLR title boundaries. In these cases it is possible to draw your own shape and then run the risk analysis on just those parts of any given title polygons that intersect with it. This user-defined AOI can then be saved as a site card like any other.

Land assembly tool

This allows users to select multiple, contiguous parcels of land simultaneously then analyse and save them as a single site card.

Land ownership tool

Users can search by a particular landowner and return all results for a given geographic area.

Planning Alerts

Here you can set up notifications for new planning application activity. Based on your chosen geographic area(s) and application type(s), we will send you an email whenever a parcel of land experiences a corresponding change.

The Comparables tool

This allows you to see a macro average view of land in the area. You’ll be able to see average price per square foot, market value change, average land area etc.

All of the above can be used without limits within the LandHawk Pro tier

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