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LandHawk launches new Services solutions for land & property professionals

We all know how time consuming and laborious site search and assessment can be. So LandHawk Services have been created with one aim; to remove the pain and complexities involved in assessing your chosen area of land for responsible development. 

We get you closer to your end goal by speeding up the search process exponentially.

What’s the problem?

As we know from our own experience, finding the ideal land for development is never straightforward. It typically involves many layers of research, a number of expensive consultants and plenty of time spent chasing down information from multiple sources. 

Often the process can take weeks or even months, particularly if you have a complex criteria or a very large area to search. Being reliant on so many factors beyond your control means that deadlines get missed and projects then become overdue, not to mention the time drain.

How do LandHawk Services work?

We have an in-house team of geospatial data experts that have carefully curated and joined over 100 land and property datasets, putting them to work in our LandHawk Platform. 

Via our bespoke software we’re able to perform any amount of searches for you over large areas of urban and rural land, right down to a single parcel. We can work to a basic, in-depth or entirely bespoke criteria, delivering you the results you need to make an informed decision.

How will they benefit me?

Put simply, our Services do all the hard work for you, removing the need to source data from multiple people or departments, not to mention the hours of cross referencing and chasing. 

We help you find the perfect development opportunity because we have the tools and expertise, the insight we own allows accurate risk assessment in line with your criteria.

So you’ll benefit from a reliable, fast and thoroughly detailed search with a shortlist that’s presented to you online via our Platform, where you have the means to view and manage them.

Which Service do I need?

You may have a requirement for one, both or even all of our services depending on your role. We’ve included a quick overview here or you can click on each heading for more detail over on our website.

Site Search and Assess

What we do: Find locations that match custom search criteria, assess the potential of land parcels and portfolios and create shortlists of suitable sites for your future development projects. 

Ideal for: Land Agents, Developers, Architects, Local Authority, Environmental Consultants, Site Engineers, Planning Teams

Site Intelligence

What we do: Identify the parameters for future success based on the location data of your previous developments this allows you to build intelligent search criteria for your next project.

Ideal for: Land Agents, Developers, Architects, Local Authority, Environmental Consultants, Site Engineers, Planning Teams

Land Referencing

What we do: Our advanced land referencing capability helps you access comprehensive ownership information for parcels of off-market land, ideal for large development and regeneration projects.

Ideal for: Planning Teams, Land Agents, Local Authority, Environmental Consultants

With each Service we provide, we make sure that it delivers every detail you need to find development land that fits your unique requirements without the long timeframe!

To get in touch, simply enquire via our website, email or call us and our team will be happy to chat your requirements through.

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