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LandHawk Appoints Sharon Cheeran

Sharon Cheeran is the latest member of the LandHawk team. Looking to put his knowledge and experience to good use as our new full stack developer, Sharon brings a wealth of enthusiasm and a natural ability when it comes to software development.

Read on to find out more about him.

Tell us a little bit about your career so far

I studied computing at the University of the West of England and graduated in 2020. It was at this time that I got my first software development job at a retail company.

It was a hard few months at first due to it being my first role, but once I was comfortable I started to learn and pick up things naturally. Due to the size of the company, I was able to get hands on experience on a variety of different systems and languages, and as a result I was able to learn different things and adapt to the changing environment. I was at this company for three years, gaining the knowledge and experience I needed to progress my career and find a role with its own challenges, where I could apply what I had already learnt.

What do you like most about your job?

As an engineer, you always want to learn something new every day, and as a result you broaden your knowledge which is crucial to progress your career. This job enables me to do that and learn new skills and at the same time contribute to the success of the team and company.

What do you bring to the team?

Combining the knowledge gained from my computing degree and three years of experience from my previous role, I will make sure that I’m able to make meaningful contributions to the team where needed in order to achieve the end goal. Being creative and finding new solutions to the problems that arise within the system is also crucial to success.

What are you looking forward to most?

I’m looking forward to growing within the company as well as seeing the company grow to its highest potential. I’m also keen to work on different projects and learn new things whilst collaborating with my colleagues.

What interests you outside of work?

I am a big fan of the gym and have been going since I was 18 years old. It helps me to get my mind and body in shape to allow me to give my full potential at work. I also like other recreational activities such as eating out, the cinema and football.

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