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LandHawk SiteFinder is live!

We’ve just released our latest and best feature yet in the form of LandHawk SiteFinder which is available as part of our Pro unlimited package.

Our development team have been working on this update since we first launched and we’re excited to share it with you!

LandHawk SiteFinder allows you to search any area of England, Wales and Scotland and find suitable land for development against your bespoke criteria. This is ideal when you have a specific set of requirements and you’re looking to find that land over a wider area.

How does it work?

Let’s say you were looking to find a suitable site for a solar farm in the Bristol area, and you require land parcels of more than 6 acres in size with a certain proximity to National Grid cables. You might also prefer to refine this down further to brownfield sites, and so on.

SiteFinder will take all of these criteria, run automated scripts, and return all of the parcels that match in a matter of minutes, sometimes seconds. You can then keep adding rules within the tool should you wish to narrow down the search further.

Having returned the results, SiteFinder then runs various analyses on your matched parcels in line with HMLR boundaries, delivering you a list of title deeds and initial risk and constraints assessments rated from low to high. You can then simply save some or all of the sites in our Workspace area for qualification, prioritisation and ongoing project management.

The benefits of SiteFinder

SiteFinder will help you to build your pipeline and quickly assess what land is potentially available over a large area. With the added value of being able to refine out exactly what you need based on your preferred suitability criteria, you can assess risk at a glance and make fast, accurate, well-informed decisions.

In turn, If you are working from a quality from the outset, your chances of finding the appropriate development land are significantly increased and accelerated, allowing you to initiate and complete projects more quickly, efficiently and profitably.

In addition, if you prefer we can run these searches on your behalf. This is especially popular with those customers who don’t have in-house resources to spend time on the search and assessment process. We will simply save all the suitable sites for you to progress in our Workspace area.

If you would like to trial SiteFinder, simply book a demo.

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