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Geospatial Strategy 2030: What does it mean for the industry?

The government’s recently unveiled Geospatial Strategy marks a significant step forward in leveraging location data and technologies to drive innovation, boost the economy and enhance public services.

The Geospatial Strategy 2030 – Unlocking the Power of Location, highlights the UK’s commitment to adopting technologies like AI, satellite imaging and real-time data in order to revolutionise the abilities of location data and technologies.

The strategy, which initially runs until 2030, focuses on three key missions: accelerating geospatial innovation through the use of enabling technologies; driving wider adoption of geospatial applications across various sectors of the economy; and fostering confidence in the future of the geospatial ecosystem.

As a business dedicated to providing land information and geospatial insights, LandHawk welcomes the Strategy which closely aligns with our core mission of providing strategic land information to our users via our comprehensive and intuitive platform.

By actively encouraging advancements in geospatial technologies, the Geospatial Strategy further strengthens our ongoing commitment to enhancing services and providing even more valuable insights to our user base.

Its focus on innovation, collaboration and data-driven decision-making sets the stage for the geospatial sector to offer a comprehensive range of world-leading technologies, which have the potential to bring a raft of benefits with far-reaching impact.

Moreover, LandHawk has an exciting opportunity ahead to further contribute to shaping the geospatial landscape across the UK and potentially further afield.

Sir Bernard Silverman, Chair of the Geospatial Commission, said, “Location-based insights have proven their enduring value again and again – during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, tracking outbreaks across the country was critical to inform public health decisions. The power of location will continue to underpin solutions to our biggest challenges including climate change, energy security and economic growth.

“Our strategy supports the drive towards the adoption of critical technologies and continued investment in UK research and development.”

Additional announcements within the Strategy include:

  • An ambition to host an international geospatial conference in 2024
  • Publishing a report identifying the cross-cutting challenges and opportunities for location data in the health sector
  • Publishing key findings from the earth observation pilot to set out how the public sector access to earth observation data and its innovative use can be supported
  • Undertaking new research, with the Office for National Statistics and other partners, to understand the implications of geographic changes to where people work and land used for employment
  • Sharing the Geospatial Commission’s findings for the public sector to make more informed decisions about electric vehicle charge point location
  • A new Land Use Analysis Taskforce to bring together cutting edge data and scientific expertise to support land use decision making
  • Plans to work with universities to publish best practice as a first step towards embedding geospatial learning into data science and geography courses

We believe that this announcement presents a transformative vision for the future. Its forward-thinking approach and alignment with our own objectives highlights the potential for significant advancements in the geospatial industry, creating a landscape that empowers businesses, enhances public services and further strengthens the UK’s position as a global leader in geospatial technologies.

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