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LandHawk API Hub exceeds expectations

Since the launch of our LandHawk Data API Hub, the uptake we’ve had has exceeded our expectations. Our specialist APIs have been used by a plethora of organisations, enabling them to make faster and more-informed decisions about development land.

As part of our bespoke built LandHawk platform, we store and create over 100 land & property datasets. This is real-time, always on data that we carefully curate in-house to provide the most in depth information about any area of land in the UK.

Our focus for the LandHawk platform is on sector professionals. They use our software and tools themselves, defining bespoke criteria and assessing viability for development. Since the platform has been developed (and is now being developed further) we attracted the attention of several technical users. This resulted in many incoming enquiries asking if they could access our datasets for building their own apps or pulling into existing software.

Our mission as a business is to make land & property geospatial data accessible to everyone, so we took three of our most requested datasets and made them more widely available. We ran a testing period to see how they were received and our clients have been delighted with the results. We will also be releasing more over the coming months as we go through our product development plans.

We’ve had requests from independent web developers right up to large enterprises to get involved. Our instant access geospatial ready data is enabling so many different types of businesses to develop their offering.

We have some really interesting clients on board, one of which is using our Planning Application Data API to visualise, query and help find the ideal land for renewable installation opportunities. Another is a master planning and design business who are using our full suite of data. They are combining our planning application, HMLR benchmark sales and land value and constraints data to gain full insight of a site.

They have found that our HMLR benchmark sales and land value provides them with the valuation data they need to effectively cost out a project from the beginning. This particular data set was created by us as a bespoke feed that takes the hard work out of creating your own formulas. Given its success, we are now looking to produce more feeds that work in this way for better budget management and faster decision making.

Whilst running the beta programme, we’ve been working closely with all the clients that have been testing out the feeds. Learning as we go and tweaking accordingly! Because of this we’ve now made the feeds available in more formats, allowing you to undertake more analysis with your applications. 

All of our APIs integrate seamlessly with the leading GIS solutions such as QGIS, Esri, plus web map engines Mapbox and Leaflet. The real value can be seen in supporting digital innovation and solution delivery. The ability to develop, customise and problem solve means your organisation stays ahead of the curve.

If you would like to test our data out for your applications, please get in touch or visit our API hub here.


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